O&A Update: The Shed Is A Wrap, But The Site Lives On

I’ve posted video updates on Facebook before, but never on here. So for those of you not on that medium, here’s a look at the shed as I wrap things up in Toronto, at least for awhile. And a sincere thank you.



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  1. “So for most of you, it’s just a page”….

    Nope, it’s not just a page!

    Thanks, Paul 😊

    (and we must, still have a “proper” Northern beer! 😉)


  2. Thank you, Paul, for that video. It’s a treat to see where you worked and to now have a face to relate to the written word. your communiques are not “just a page” for us. Wishing you all the best. Mary


  3. Some day there will be a bronze plaque in front of that shed, pointing out the humble beginnings of the famous writer! Best wishes on the move, and the book(s), and thanks for all the laughs so far.


  4. Glad you’re going to keep the work going. I’m a fan. If ya can’t laugh ya gotta cry and I like to laugh. Your site always makes me laugh – and sometimes both. And we all know there’s what to cry and laugh about. Enjoy yer new home – make sure you make it up to Scotland to clear yer eyes and to be refreshed. Peace!


  5. Feels momentous to your readers too. Thanks for sharing your face and your place! Don’t be a stranger! 😘


  6. All the best Paul. I wish you great inspiration in your new shed, wherever you may land. I hope to hear of your work along the way. Thanks for the Satire! 😂 and I’m sure you will find even more targets in the UK! Patty Archer

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  7. Thanks to you, Paul. You’ve amazed me with your talents and authenticated my sanity when I thought I was the only one living with utter disbelief. You are a literary life ring.


  8. Yes, thank you, and I look forward to the next post, whenever that might be. I am on FB, true, but keep involvement there to a minimum.


  9. Thanks for posting the video. Good to hear and see you on camera. If neighbours, I am sure you and would have enjoyed bridging the generational gap. Enjoy the move. Enjoy life. Keep writing.

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  10. Hello Paul, Thank you for Goodbye to the Shed, heartfelt, funny, true as always! I think you will find many kindred spirits in England, though I suspect you will wish you were home each Canada Day. (At least, I felt that way the one time I was away from the US on the Fourth of July, in Dublin with an Irish poet friend, actually).

    As others have written, I really appreciate your wit (beginning with the Privacy Hedge post!) and conciseness, precision, and the emotional anchoring, always. I think one of my favorite pieces of yours will always be describing what came out of your workshop with Tim O’Brien, but some of your short Out And Abouter pieces in which you manage to go from pointed snarky to wider, wiser insight, to emotional turn, well, they are little poems, aren’t they? Political haiku.

    But the most difficult thing you make happen is what is at the heart of satire— the idealism, the empathy with those who suffer as a result of whatever terrible policy or person (or quirky neighborhood habit/delusion) you are skewering. It’s what connects Dostoevsky with Swift, I think— and in some of your pieces (on the immigrant/border tragedy, for ex.), there is that moment when, as in “A Modest Proposal”, there’s the direct cri de coeur where he raises the curtain for a moment and lets you feel what he feels, the terrible pain of all those poor parents who see what they have let their own children in for by bearing them, and the evil of the complacent bureaucrats…

    So, thank you for all your writings, and wishing the very best for you and your family in England! Lots of rich paths to walk on there, literally—that common-law right of way footpath tradition is amazing! (If you aren’t familiar with Edward Thomas’ essays on walking them, there’s a nice— and satisfyingly imperfect— collection, The South Country, first pub. 1909, available POD from Amazon; I think you wd like his voice & his noticings. The brilliant author of the tour de force Peregrine, JA Baker, clearly read Thomas, as he picked up and re-used some of Thomas’ original descriptions.)

    Keep us posted on your doings, please, whether as the Out and Abouter or some new voice as yet to emerge!

    All best, Ruth

    On Tue, Jun 4, 2019 at 4:34 PM The Out And Abouter wrote:

    > Paul Duncan posted: “I’ve posted video updates on Facebook before, but > never on here. So for those of you not on that medium, here’s a look at the > shed as I wrap things up here in Toronto, at least for awhile. And a thank > you. [image: ✌🏻] ” >

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