Following Pushback Against Heritage Minutes Spoof, Scheer Shelves CPCTV Sketch Comedy Project

CPC members Lisa Raitt, Andrew Scheer, Tony Clement, Hamish Marshall, and Erin O’Toole, all forced to admit that humour comes as naturally to them as good-faith politics.

With little fanfare, Andrew Scheer today quietly tasked Hamish Marshall –  head of his campaign to not let Stephen Harper down in the coming election – with dismantling the Conservative improv troupe the two men founded just last week: CPCTV. 

The move comes after the first offering out of the Conservative incubator for right-wing yuks fell flat on its face over the weekend, when an attempt to parody the prime minister using the popular Heritage Minutes’ motif was met with most everyone telling them to stop doing that. Including the actual people who make the minutes, Historica Foundation.

“I guess Canadians just aren’t ready for some nearly-original, edgeless comedy from the same guys who brought you such knee slappers as ‘My Big Fat Overblown Border Crisis’, and ‘Fear and Carbon Tax in Alberta’,” Mr. Scheer said, before going off on a meandering monologue of unrelated observations about life, and then asking if anyone wanted him to sign any merch.

Canadians, unsurprisingly, disagreed with Scheer about their interest levels in supporting bad comedy.  

“Oh no,” said Roger Soore, of Burnaby, BC. “I’ve got plenty of time for unfunny, underground humour. Why do you think I follow The Out And Abouter? Everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone, that is, except established political parties who are asking to be given control of an entire nation. Those guys should focus less on memes, and more on meaning something better to Canadians.” 

Dawn Aldson, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, was more succinct. “The day I look to Andrew Scheer to make me laugh is the day I look to Don Cherry for fashion advice. And the day they both dial it the heck back will be a better day for us all.”



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