1.5 Billion Years Of Awkward Silence Passes, As Aliens And Humans Adjust To Time Lag In Call


*12.3 billion Earth years after the Big Bang. 

Aliens: Hello?
1.5 billion years pass while they wait for a response.

Earthlings: Hey! Who’s this?
Aliens (simultaneously): Hello?
1.5 billion years go by.

Earthlings: Hello? Sorry, there’s a bit of a lag.
1.5 billion years.

Aliens: We’re aliens! We love light, physics, and swimming in methane.
Earthlings: Hello? It’s a bad line. Who did you say this was? 
1.5 billion years. Universe nears critical expansion point, approaches the Big Rip. 

Aliens: We’ll call you back.
Earthlings: Try calling us back. 

~Universe Ends.~

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