Scheer Warns Signing UN Migration Pact Could Lead To Recognizing Universal Human Rights


CPC Leader Andrew Scheer, warning against the pitfalls of non-binding agreements, and doing the right thing in general.

“Read the fine print!” Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer shouted in the House Of Commons today, as the Liberal Party recklessly barrelled on with their plan to sign a “non-legally binding cooperative framework that recognizes that no state can address migration on its own.” 

“Are you out of your normal-levels-of-compassionate minds? We’ll lose our sovereignty!” the irate leader of the opposition stormed, holding up the UN’s clearly problematic language regarding the need to “eliminate all forms of discrimination” – wording that many in his party fear could lead to the eradication of The Rebel News Network, thus eliminating the minor league farm system for Conservative Party campaign managers. 

“It is up to Canadians to decide who we discriminate against,” Scheer railed on, despite  increasingly frantic hand gestures from his caucus, seated behind him. “No foreign bunch of bureaucrats are going to tell us who we can or cannot block from entering this nation if we decide they’re the wrong colour of huddled masses. What next? Recognizing even migrants have universal human rights?”

Despite the strength of his argument, Scheer was blindsided from an unexpected corner yesterday afternoon, when the former immigration minister under Stephen Harper, Chris Alexander, inexplicably insisted on sticking to facts in a tweeted rebuttal to the CPC leader’s understandable hysteria.

“Andy,” Mr. Alexander wrote. “You are an idiot. Stop.”  

That response has had the unintended effect of a nation-wide outbreak of whiplash, after millions of Canadians were suddenly placed in the awkward position of having to agree with Alexander, after all the things they called him from 2013 to 2015.

For their part, the Liberal Party says that despite Scheer’s dire warnings, they intend to take a bold and decisive step next week, when they will be signing the Global Compact for Migration, thereby locking Canada in to the globalist agenda of discussing ways to mitigate human suffering. Ending the nation as we know it. 

“Yeah. Sure is a slippery slope from there,” confirmed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drily. “What next? Actually acting on those discussions?”




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