‘I Own A Few Chairs’ Says Jagmeet Singh, Addressing Concerns About Ties To Teak Extremism

teak extremism

Extreme teak. If you have to ask you can’t afford it.

“I don’t even have a terrace,” Jagmeet Singh says, starting to look a little exasperated, “Much less have any known ties to any.” 

The leader of the federal NDP party was beset on all sides this week by a line of questioning that refuses to die away: Does he or does he not like Danish furniture? Specifically it’s radical arm of teak extremism. 

“I feel like this is getting ridiculous,” says Singh, pointing out that Andrew Scheer has yet to explain his penchant for Muskoka chairs, and Trudeau is well known to maintain an extensive collection of vintage Via rail seats, complete with striking CP workers.

“So I have a tasteful desk from Copenhagen, and yes I keep a subscription to Nordic Style. Many people do. That doesn’t mean I support the decimation of Myanmar’s rainforests.”

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