Hoping To Reach Untapped Markets, Produce Store Opens Right Beside Other Produce Stores

6770969_custom“We saw a gap in the market and decided to just go for it,” says Raymond Jimenez, owner of Fully Stalkedthe newest place to sell fruit and vegetables on a street that now has eight places to buy fruit and vegetables.

“And specifically that gap was between 137 and 141 Newcastle St., putting us right in the sweet spot between Johnny Be Green, and You Can Leaf Your Hat On. I have to admit I’m not entirely sure what those stores sell.”

By a stroke of luck, Mr. Jimenez discovered the precise five meters of Newcastle St. that is currently bereft of reasonably priced cabbage, was available, as the previous tenant – Symphony In Kale-Minor – had been forced to close shop sometime last year for reasons unknown.  

Saying that he feels his main challenge will be convincing people to visit this particular street with the intention of buying food, he says he is heartened by the many people going past his shop with bags full of produce.

“Obviously someone is selling the stuff around here, so there’s a darn good chance I’ll be able to too.”

Admitting he didn’t do a whole lot of market research before signing the lease, Raymond scans the street appraisingly on this, the day of his grand opening. His eyes linger on the shop immediately beside his, its outdoor display heaped high with carrots and ears of corn. Slowly he swivels to the stand on the other side of Fully Stalked, also displaying vast quantities of carrots, and countless ears of corn. 

“Hold the cob,” he says, before slowly walking out to investigate the competition. 


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