Research Into Declining Attention Spans Called Off Due To Some Reason That Didn’t Have A Visual Aid Or Catchphrase.


d_levitin_multitasking_cmsFor some reason or other a team of researchers who might have been psychologists from Belgium or possibly sociologists from Belize, either cancelled or postponed their study into the declining attention spans of adults. Or maybe it was children. And it might have been about a drop in the amount of pasta being consumed at lunch in some parts of Alberta.

“Anyone who was paying attention to the cries of middle America saw this coming,” said someone who might have been involved, maybe called Jim? “Donald Trump tapped into a deep sentiment of – that’s the largest gator ever caught by the way, right there on the hood of my car. ‘Course you can touch it. Put your head in its mouth, I’ll take a picture. How do you work this?” Note: that part might not be related.

Anyway the thing they were doing didn’t go very well. But it sounds like its probably fine. I’m not really sure. This is a lot longer than I usually go without a picture or a diagram. What were we talking about? It’s probably fine. Pasta makes you sleepy anyway.

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